Telecom Cloud Services


Telecom Fiji Limited is Fiji's leading telecommunication service provider. TFL provides a wide spectrum of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions, including voice and data services over fixed and wireless platforms and competing in all telecommunications markets throughout Fiji, connecting more than 165,000 lines over wire line and wireless services.


  • Voice Solutions
  • Data Solutions from 256kbps to 100Mbps
  • Internet Solutions from 256kbps to 155Mbps
  • New Applications
  • Customized Solutions
  • Datacentre Co-location Services
Widest Range providing One-Stop-Shop Capability
  • Dedicated Account Representative for Corporate & Government
  • 24 hrs x 7 days Contact Centre to log issues & handle enquiries
  • Helpdesk Services handle Level-1 troubleshooting via remote support
  • Field Services Teams handle Level-2 troubleshooting on-site
  • Subject Matter Experts handle Level-3 troubleshooting for escalated issues
Tiered-Support to handle Service Levels
  • 630+ Staff, With over 300 highly skilled Engineers, specializing in IT, Networking and IT Systems Management, plus over 60 CCNA.
  • 21 Points-of-Presence across Fiji
  • 200 Vehicles supporting services to our Customers
  • Continued investment in Vendor Certifications in Comms, IP & IT
Significant nationwide presence, capability and reach
  • Fibre-Optic based infrastructure between Major towns & in Metro
  • Back-up Microwave radio infrastructure across major centres
  • Widest range of network access options: wired, wireless
  • Managed infrastructure enables quick detection of issues and faster response times
Technology options matched to Service Levels
Telecom Cloud Services:

Telecom Fiji is the premier provider of cloud services to businesses in Fiji. Delivered from TFL's secure datacentres current services include t-Surveillance, t- signage and t-IaaS with more services coming soon. The company's proprietary cloud infrastructure assures high reliability and the best service offerings.

Meet the Cloud Team.

General Manager Business Sales:

Charles Goundar

Product Managers: Ronesh Kumar - t- Surveillance
Vikash Naidu - t-Signage
Zohid Khan - t- IaaS

Strategic Partners:

TFL's partners with industry leaders to provide your company with the highest quality of service.



Digital signage is the display of multimedia content on electronically controlled displays. t-signage system is composed of different elements, typically including one or several displays, one or more media players and a content management system / content delivery systems (Blackeye CMS). The latter are often catering for multiple media players and displays throughout a digital signage network.

Unlike the content on static signs the multimedia dimension offered by digital signage makes content more engaging, more informative and more targeted. Digital signage can be interactive through touch screen and other interactive technologies.

Why t-Signage?

Eye-Catching - Getting the attention of your audience is the most important part of any display. With t-Signage, viewers are not only more likely to notice your dynamic sign but are more likely to easily receive the message and act on it.

Dynamic - t-Signage can be interactive and dynamically changed to meet the demographics of your audience.

Cost-Effective - Eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes saves on costly printing and distribution fees.

Centralized - Control multiple displays around Fiji from one central location, ensuring quality and consistency, while requiring minimal resources to operate through t-Signage.

t-Signage CMS

The Blackeye Content Management system sits at the heart of t-Signage Solution and is required for all deployments.


  • Access from anywhere
  • Manage all your devices
  • Easily scale from one to one thousand units


  • Unlimited design templates
  • Assign screen groups
  • Play your content now or schedule it to play in the future
  • Deliver multiple types of multimedia content


  • Unlimited number of users
  • Manage from one to thousands of users


  • Fully encrypted communications
  • For internet and mobility
  • Highly secure kiosks and device applications


Digital Signage Content and Application points

Ultimately, the content is what the customers see, touch and interact with. It has to be compelling. Again, keeping with the theme of making it easy.


t-Signage natively supports all mainstream video, audio and media formats.

  • Video Clips (AAC, AIFF, MP3, WAV, H.264 MP4, M4V,3GPP,FLV,F4V)
  • Flash movies and applications
  • RSS Feeds
  • Dynamic tickers/crawls
  • PowerPoint files
  • Website URL's
  • Images (JPEG, BMP, PNG...)


Popular Application points:

  • Video Walls
  • Shopping Malls
  • Health Sector
  • Banks
  • Education Sector
  • Transportation Industry
  • Tourism Industry


Flight Information

The t-Signage platform will also be used to provide flight information relevant to the Nadi International Airport to interested organizations.

The information displayed in the four (4) pages is sourced from the Nadi International Airport which is refreshed every 60 seconds. TFL will provide a decoder/software and a mounting kit which can be installed behind the TV screen.

One page at a time will be displayed for 30 seconds and then change to the next one. This cycle will continue after the 4 pages containing flight information have been displayed. The 4 Pages displaying Flight Information are :

  • International Arrivals (Today and Tomorrow)
  • International Departures (Today and Tomorrow)

The decoder will be linked to TFL’s server to update the flight information every 5 minutes



t-Signage Output

Selecting the type of output all depends on your budget, the quality of the display panels and the physical location of the display. We generally recommend commercial grade equipment when it comes to choosing display panels as the end result clearly needs to look fantastic while remaining sharp and bright for many years.

t-Signage hardware/decoder uses all the standard connectivity options e.g. HDMI, VGA but is not limited to those. As we have mentioned, we will try and make anything work


Customer Requirements

The customer will be required to provide the following:

  • Display screen with VGA/DVI/HDMI input
  • Electrical outlet for decoder which can be mounted at the back of the screen
  • Internet Connectivity


Network Overview

The t-Signage network consists of a series of virtualized servers each dedicated to a specific role, made available to remote display client systems over an OpenSSL-based VPN . Content is uploaded, configured, and managed for the network via a SSL -encrypted web based interface. This interface can be accessed from any computer by a user with the Appropriate credentials, or can optionally be restricted to access from a specific, single or range of IP addresses.


Service Options


t-Signage Managed

TFL will manage the display requirements of the customer. The customer will need to provide media and display schedule.


t-Signage Flight Information

TFL will provide a feed which will display flight information for the Nadi international Airport. This will include International/Domestic Arrivals and Departures for the current/next day


t-Signage Unmanaged

With this option TFL will create an administrator in the t-Signage cloud who will be able to manage all the screens connected to the t-Signage platform within its organization.

Infrastructure as a Service


TFL's Infrastructure as a Service (t-IaaS) provides companies with a range of flexible alternatives to house in their systems internally at any of our 3 Datacentres around Viti Levu- Nasinu, Suva and Lautoka. Housing equipment in TFL's facility provides you with both the service assurance you require and the benefit of low cost access to one of Fiji's largest voice and data networks. Services offered under t-IaaS are primary and/or secondary site hosting and Disaster Recovery Solution.



TFL's datacentres are state-of-the-art facilities that use the latest technologies for fire detection, suppression, temperature and humidity control, security systems, uninterruptible power supply and sophisticated network management and monitoring which provides the highest infrastructure reliability and availability in the industry.




Dedicated Racks

TFL provides a lockable cabinet within the Shared Colocation Area with power and service connection provisioned.

Shared Racks
To our managed customers we offer maximum flexibility offering Rack space from 1RU to multiple RU's and expand as your business grows.



Our centers provide an N+1 redundancy for power system, to maximize uptime availability.



Effective and efficient HVAC infrastructure to provide stable airflow, temperature and humidity. Automated air sampling performs at an interval which monitors dust, temperature and humidity.


Fire Safety

Gas suppression installed at all Datacentres including smoke detectors and alarm systems



All TFL Datacentres utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques, and procedures to control, monitor, and record access to the facility, including customer cabinet areas. All areas of the center are monitored and recorded using CCTV, and all access points are controlled and are staffed with 24-hour security officers.



TFL's main backbone infrastructure consists of capacity of 10Gbit/s Fibre Optic cable transmission along the inland route, connecting the Eastern and Western parts of Viti Levu. These links carry all the traffic including voice, data and internet services and also forms the transmission backbone for the IP/MPLS core network. The backbone is highly resilient and configured in automatic failover mode.


  • Reduced TCO: no need to invest on your own datacentre and IT assets
  • Flexibility: we provide colocation hosting service in different configurations;
  • Consultative approach: our consultants work with you to design a service to meet your needs;
  • Scalability: you can buy as little as 1Amps to multiple Amps and scale as business requirements change;
  • Simplicity: single billing for all the services used
  • Wide coverage: 3 datacentres around Viti Levu, Nasinu, Suva and Lautoka


Disaster Recovery Solution

Would even a short downtime of your IT infrastructure have a devastating impact upon your business? In business continuity planning, you need to consider the impossible. What would happen if your building is strucked by disaster? Even the best datacentre protection is powerless in these situations.


As one of the services under t-IaaS, Telecom Fiji with its partners helps provide tailored disaster recovery services to fit in with your business continuity plans. We can set up a hot standby site - a replica of your current infrastructure - in one of our datacentres, thereby eliminating all single points of failure.


  • Shared rack model available for managed service or Dedicated Racks for unmanaged service
  • Links for Data replication and failover
  • Fully data backed up daily
  • Real time replication for DR solution
  • Monitoring of Server Infrastructure, hardware and systems at DR Site
  • Monitoring of the DR and replication Process
  • Daily health check of the infrastructure equipment at DR site
  • Weekly and monthly replication reports
  • Quarterly Failover testing and reports
  • Support client for any failover required during a Disaster
  • Consultative approach: we provide a customised solution to suit your business continuity strategy.
  • Wide coverage: We have Datacentre in Nasinu, Suva and Lautoka and Nadi to give you multiple disaster recovery option
  • Single supplier: You can enjoy the same service at each of our datacentres, whether primary or standby;
  • Highly connected: our datacentres are equipped with redundant network and power systems engineered for zero downtime.
Customer DR Site Hosted from TFL Datacentre



Safety and security are always a concern. Governments, corporations, home, business, church, farm, warehouse, equipment yard, day-care, school, vacation home, elderly safety, retail and even individuals must protect themselves and their assets.


One of the most popular methods employed to enhance security and safety is digital video surveillance. With increased presence and enhanced requirements of modern surveillance systems, there is a pressing need for specialized software's to meet the demands of CCTV. TFL's t-Surveillance Solution is a consolidated single- management interface that provides a coherent and efficient way to view and control installed IP cameras and DVRs, giving supreme situational awareness for quick response and accurate investigation.


The solution also features comprehensive user right settings and allows specific staffs to certain settings according to categories or user skill levels. User access rights enable, among other functions live access to cameras, the ability to play back specific cameras, control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and export evidence materials. It also upholds viewing regulations with privacy masking, a feature that protects privacy by concealing parts of an image from being viewed. Once activated, the privacy mask is consistently applied to live, playback and exported video, protecting the privacy of the sensitive image.


The solution ensures unmetered bandwidth for CONNECT users where they can use the data cap for Internet access while viewing their feeds without forfeiting their allocated bandwidth.


t-Surveillance Viewer



Daily operations are easily executed through the XProtect Smart Client or XProtect Remote Client, a client application that provides you with instant access to live and recorded video.


XProtect Smart Client features:


  • The Sequence Explorer: An instant overview of recorded video
  • Independent playback: Allows you to play back events on one camera while still monitoring live video
  • Overlay buttons: Enable control of cameras and devices directly from the camera view
  • Language support: The XProtect Smart Client is available in 26 languages
  • Fast evidence export: Quickly export video in various formats, including video from multiple cameras with viewer, logs and user notes included
  • Multi-channel, two-way audio: Communicate with people at gates/entrances or broadcast messages to many people at once
  • Advanced alert handling: Save time and resources by activating recordings by events or video motion detection triggered by the system or cameras


Viewing Recorded Video


The XProtect Smart Client Player is a new video viewer for exported material. It has the same familiar and user-friendly interface as the XProtect Smart Client, so managing exported video is intuitive. With XProtect Smart Client Player, viewing and collecting video evidence is easier than ever with features such as:
  • Instant one-click playback for easy viewing of exported video evidence
  • Advanced second-level investigation tools make it easy to refine exported video and re-export the most essential evidence
  • The project tool allows users to merge video exports or archives from two different cameras together into one new export


ImmerVision Enables® 360° Panomorph Lens Support*


T Surveillance has ImmerVision Enables® 360° panomorph lens support, giving you the ability to mount an ImmerVision Enables® 360° lens on selected cameras to get a 360° surround view. With a complete view of your installation, a panomorph lens removes blind spots so you can track, detect and analyze the entire area in live or playback mode, improving reaction time.


Compared to a fisheye lens, a panomorph lens has greater optical image sensor coverage and provides a superior picture even on lower resolution cameras. This means a panomorph lens requires fewer pixels on its sensor to produce the same resolution, allowing you to increase the number of cameras without using up all available bandwidth.


Mounted on a regular camera, a panomorph lens increases your video surveillance coverage while reducing the total number of cameras, requiring less server storage and reducing hardware costs.


Please click here for demo:



  • Bird's Eye View of the entire area;
  • Digital Pan, Tilt and Zoom in every panomorph view;
  • Multiple virtual camera views from the same video source;
  • Panomorph image detection and calibration (Automatic Calibration Systems);
  • Different view perspective: ceiling (looking down), wall (horizontal) and ground (looking up).





Camera Installation Cost (TFL)
Setup Fee-Configuration of Server
Refundable License Deposit (IP Camera Option)
Camera Installation Cost (TFL)
Should have an existing Internet Account
Options Price/Month
Customers Own DVR Additional $25.00
TFL's Solution Additional $25.00
Recording on TFL's Solution Additional 10.00
Additional $20.00


DVR Remote View


TFL's t-Surveillance solution for remote asset protection over DVR provides a variety of options for decentralized video recording and management that allows the management and conservation of network bandwidth without compromising the quality and effectiveness of site surveillance. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) is an industry specific product, central to any CCTV system and essentially does the following jobs;


  1. It arranges the camera footage on screen for you,
  2. It stores images from the cameras and in some cases the DVR allows you to remotely access your CCTV system via the internet or a local network,
  3. Allows you to view each camera in sequence or several cameras at a time via a split screen.


t-Surveillance solution is ideal for every days surveillance needs due to the scalable nature, remote functionality and the flexibility of the DVR Solution that can be used on any network architecture.


You can gain valuable monitoring capability that allows you to have the flexibility to avoid staring at a video screen for hours when nothing of interest is happening, while making certain that videos are been recorded when something of interest is happening. The remote DVR concept allows for limiting the bandwidth consumed on networks that are typically bandwidth lean.


DVR Remote View