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Upgrade now to get 15GB more Every Month

Home Lite plan is a revamp of the current Home Lite plan with a lot more savings.

  • Customers now have double the data
  • Off–peak and peak data buckets
  • Cheaper top-up rates

Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) is offering 30 GB data cap with rental fees of $46.44 for our Homelite plan with internet speed up to 10 Mbps. The installation fee remains the same and it gets better with “ Free WiFi Modem”. All you need is $50 VEP deposit and get in the contract for 1 year and start using 30 GB with normal reloading rate at $0.95 for 1GB. Yes with free rental and free phone and not forgetting 50 free international minutes. Using your home lite user ID enjoy all services with all connect Wifi Hotspot. So visit your nearest TFL customer care to upgrade. TFL the world at your fingertips.